Most sites will not provide you with the statistics of any domains, let alone ALL of the domains.  Why purchase domains, only to find out later that the domain has little value, or is not marketable, searched favorably or simply not worth developing on?

The following are 30 awesome things we often list on each domain.

(When applicable of course, or when the numbers are sufficient enough to be noted)

This is an image at showing a magnified glass and some charts of data.

1)            We list the "Exact" Global Monthly Searches.

2)            The "Exact" Term Search Results.

3)            The Page Rank.

4)            The Alexa rank.

5)            Our Professional Appraisal.

6)            GoDaddy’s Appraisal.

7)            Estibot’s/Valuate’s Appraisal.

8)            The TLD.

9)            We list the number of words.

10)          The amount of Characters.

11)          When the domain was created.

12)          The renewal date to help remind you.

13)          We list the registrar.

14)          The full domain name in different variations with and without the .com, and  also with any spaces in between each word, to make it easier to envision its potential.

15)          We also sometimes list the (local) relative value Index.

16)          The SEO key words.

17)          The domain Tags.

18)          The specific Category.

19)          If it’s listed as an Editor’s Choice Domain.

20)          If it’s listed in a special section, from being on some of the categories we mentioned on this list.

21)          If it’s listed Free.

22)          If it’s under $99

23)          We indicate if it’s a pronounceable LLLL (4-letter) domain.

24)          The Price of the domain.

25)          The CPC too.

26)          Also, the Domain Authority.

27)          The Page Authority.

28)          The Domain’s Age.

29)          The DMOZ Listing.

30)          And lastly, sometimes even the backlinks!