Our mission:

 To (eliminate) the exhaustive and expensive process involved when acquiring content, domains, information, business solutions and website creation tools.

This is where the DUCC.com logo is.

DUCC.com Specializes in providing Business Solutions, Quality Domains, Website Development, Customizable Graphics, Professional Appraisals, Business Consulting and Extensive Analytics.  We also bring you Amazing Content, by providing you Tools, Advice, Free Logos, Appraisals, Free Videos, Links, Free Images & Free Information.


DUCC.com manages and provides the public, rare and valuable Domains that are all Priced (dot COMS)!


The 10 Real Cool Reasons We Are … Oh So Different!


1) Haggling

You normally have to go through a lot once you find the perfect domain(s); other sites require you to contact them to show interest, the only problem is: that once you do, you now have shown interest! Those websites will then drastically inflate the price, knowing that you are interested when you contact them. They hold all domains hostage, and only sell if the price is extremely high. This is very inconvenient, expensive and uncomfortable for the buyers.

We Price Everything! – This site is a, “No Haggle Zone”.


2) Poor Quality

Often you have to look through endless lists of very poor domains in hopes that you find at least one decent one.  This is not only frustrating, but also very time consuming.

Quality Only – We spend hundreds of hours acquiring marketable and brandable, higher quality domains, that have higher CPC, higher searches, are shorter in length, have more term prevalence on the internet, are easier to remember and have marketable and competitive key words evident in the domain name itself.


3) Misspellings and Hyphens

Many sites don’t mind a slight misspelling or hyphen here and there, as long as the name sounds good, or it mimics a $100,000 domain name. We don’t jeopardize quality.  Every domain name on this site is spelled correctly; other than the LLLL 4 Letter Acronym domains of course (e.g. ZIBZ.com)

Never any Misspellings or Hyphens – We don’t do any funny business here, and everything we do is ethical and clean. Unlike what you find at other sites, you won’t ever have to check if our domains are misspelled, or are of extremely poor value.


4) Unorganized Domains

Often sites provide endless lists of domains. Just pages and pages of hundreds or thousands of domains not even organized or categorized. This is extremely daunting for the buyers.

All Domains here Are Well Organized – and easy to search and locate throughout the website by category, tag and title.


5) Adult Content

Sometimes you’re on another site and all of a sudden, “Surprise”!  Adult names and images pop up on your screen with no warning while you are at work or at home!

Family Safe Site – We know your Spouse, Parents, Dog, Cat, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Grandparents or even most importantly your Children, could walk up to you while you are on this site, at any time.  Although we do push it a bit far at times with our sexy photos, you can still shop with no worries here, knowing they are not pronographic in nature.

We don’t feel it is necessary to take the risk or make anyone uncomfortable, and irresponsibly sell adult domains on this website. We appreciate your understanding in the matter and hope you enjoy the peace of mind, knowing you can shop at such a family friendly website.


6) No Stats

Most sites will not provide you with the statistics of any domains, let alone ALL of the domains.  Why purchase domains, only to find out later that the domain has little value, or is not marketable, searched favorably or simply not worth developing on?

Stats Provided – We keep our customers very well informed, with many details about each domain.


7) No Free Appraisals

Other sites don’t provide this excellent and important service for free.

All Domains Here Are Appraised For Free – Everyone loves an expert opinion, but we also don’t want you to go pay for a professional appraisal, on a domain you haven’t even bought yet. There are computer generated appraisals, but they are extremely inconsistent and over-inflated with unrealistic values. For example; they will often indicate that a domain is worth $25,000, when it’s only a $35 domain!!

There is a better and more accurate, as well as cheaper way.  We have each domain already appraised for you for free!  We have taken the time to appraise every single domain on the site.  Now you have an expert opinion on what you are buying, before you buy it!


8) Logos For Free

Most sites will advertise the domain with some fancy logo, but then ask you to purchase the logo. Huh?  That’s not very nice.

All Logos Here Are Free – We don’t mind the extra work and time creating a professional logo for our customers – because we want you to return to us for your Business,  Internet and Content needs.


9) Too Many Registrars

So many domains at 10 different places!  What a headache.  On most sites, you may find a good domain, but then it’s registered at some unknown registrar where you have to get an account and then manage it there, not knowing their credibility and if your domain is safe there.  Who wants to manage their domains scattered all around at 10 Different registrars?

All Domains At GoDaddy – Simplicity.  We keep it very simple: all domains are at one registrar (GoDaddy.com).  They are the largest Registrar, and they are very reputable and have about 30% of all domains registered in this market.  Most people have heard of them and even already have an account.  This makes transfers very easy, fast and free.  This is one less thing you have to worry about on this site.


10) Advice Is Costly

Other sites often will provide their company’s phone number to the customer, but when you call, an aggressive sales person is waiting for your call on the other line, and ready to sell you anything and everything.  We don’t believe that is the way to have customers coming back.

Free Advice – We are here to help with any advice you may need on domains.  We don’t try to sell you anything when you call.  Call it unconventional or crazy if you’d like- But our mission again is to avoid the stress for the customers, when they look for quality domains.

So feel free to call us for free advice!


The perfect “Everything Priced, Quality, No Misspellings, No Hyphens, Organized, Family Friendly, Informed, Free Appraisals, Free Logos, One Registrar, Free Advice – DOMAIN NAME online shopping experience where all the domains are all .com’s!”

(Wow… try saying that 20 times)



Digital Content Coming Soon!


It’s daunting searching the internet for digital content.

Most of the sites and companies that are prevalent on the internet, charge an excessive amount per picture and/or membership for you to obtain Images and Videos.  Even then, you still have to sit there and read the lengthy legal terms of use to determine what you can and cannot do with the content; it’s beyond taxing.


Here at DUCC.com, we believe content should be accessible to all, at no charge for the sake of caring for one another, and for spreading art, compassion and the beauty and innovative creations of this magical world.  But also, that artist should receive due credit and optional funds when feasible, for those who kindly offer their hard work as Public Domain.  We believe a world of helping hands and sharing of creative projects, will only encourage others and it will allow for the growth of a creative and beautiful world, designed by wonderful people.  As part of our goal, we want your energy to go towards your creative projects, not into endless hours and days of searching, and wearing out before you even begin your project.  We believe in sharing and spreading skills, kindness, creation and imagination freely; that is the main reason why we have developed this site.


Virtually this entire website was created using CC0 content!  Why is that good to know?  That means you won’t have to worry rather you can use the content or not.  Although we can’t completely guarantee all images and videos are CC0, we can assure you that extensive research has been made on your part; so please check in the appropriate places where the Public Domain content is.  The Public Domain Creative Commons CC0 content that is coming to this ste, will be clearly  listed that it is indeed content for the Pubic Domain, and we’ll be taking a step further, and also crediting the artist too.  As mentioned earlier, only a few parts of this website are not CC0 Public Domain (e.g. the top header videos and images on the home page), so please only use images and videos which are noted as Public Domain CC0.


Content other than what has been mentioned, can be used for commercial and/or personal use, for any purpose you see fit.   We’re going to also ask you to please give credit to all artist.  Perhaps visit their websites and social profile pages and interact with them.  Send them an email and get to know them!  Let them know what you’re using their images and videos for; that is often satisfaction enough for them, just to smile knowing someone has utilized their vision, hard work, skill and generosity.  Consider giving them a donation, and also hiring them for your next project!  We strongly ask that you do the right thing, and keep an open path for the creators to be rewarded in one way or another.


Please make sure you read our Terms of Use.

If you have an legal questions, please always contact an attorney.  We are not at liberty to offer legal advice and we are not a law firm.

We provide information, content, analytics and business solutions and domains, for educational and entertainment purposes, and also as a way to offer assistance in creative projects.


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