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It’s daunting searching the internet for digital content.

Most of the sites and companies that are prevalent on the internet, charge an excessive amount per picture and/or membership for you to obtain Images and Videos.  Even then, you still have to sit there and read the lengthy legal terms of use to determine what you can and cannot do with the content; it’s beyond taxing.


Here at, we believe content should be accessible to all, at no charge for the sake of caring for one another, and for spreading art, compassion and the beauty and innovative creations of this magical world.  But also, that artist should receive due credit and optional funds when feasible, for those who kindly offer their hard work as Public Domain.  We believe a world of helping hands and sharing of creative projects, will only encourage others and it will allow for the growth of a creative and beautiful world, designed by wonderful people.  As part of our goal, we want your energy to go towards your creative projects, not into endless hours and days of searching, and wearing out before you even begin your project.  We believe in sharing and spreading skills, kindness, creation and imagination freely; that is one of the main reason why we have developed this site.


Virtually this entire website was created using CC0 content!  Why is that good to know?  That means you won’t have to worry rather you can use the content or not.  Although we don’t believe any site can completely 100% guarantee that all images and videos are all CC0, we can assure you that extensive research has been made on your part to confirm almost every single item with a download link, is released into the Public Domain.  Although the digital content has been released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, we still take a step further, and also credit the artists too.


All Content with a download button, can be used for commercial and/or personal use, for any purpose you see fit.  The most important thing we want to add, is that: we are going to ask you to please give credit to all artist.  Perhaps visit their website(s) and social profile page(s) and interact with them.  Send them an email and get to know them!  Let them know what you’re using their images, music and videos for.  This kind of gesture is often satisfaction enough for them, and often causes them to smile knowing someone has utilized their vision, hard work, skill and generosity.  Although it’s not required, please provide links to them, consider giving them donations, and also hiring them for your next project!  We strongly ask that you do the right thing, and keep an open path for the creators to be rewarded in one way or another.

Still unsure if you can use the videos, music and images?  Read more about it, in our summary of the CC0 images, music and videos.


By continuing to use this site, you’re accepting our terms of use.  Please make sure you read our full Terms of use here.

If you have an legal questions, please always contact an attorney.  We are not at liberty to offer legal advice, nor are we a law firm.

We provide information, digital content, analytics and business solutions and domains, for educational and entertainment purposes, and also as a way to offer assistance in creative projects.


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