What is the Cloud?

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“Cloud” can mean several things, but historically it refers to many examples of popular cloud-based services including web applications, online backups, and other types of online storage systems. Traditional Internet services like website hosting, email services, and online gaming may … Continued

Why is Having a Domain Important?

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Imagine you have to take a taxi somewhere and when asked where you’re going, you respond, “I want to go to the store!”.  The driver then turns around confused and asks, “okay then, which store?”  You reply, “The one I … Continued

What is a Domain?

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The simple answer without getting technical, is that a domain is the name that is typed directly into the Web Browser. When you “own” a domain, you actually never legally own it, you simply own the rights to what happens … Continued

Unshare Your Excel Workbook

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   Can’t figure out how your workbook turned into a shared workbook?  Or worse, you can’t turn off the sharing of the workbook and it’s affecting some useful features?  No worries, this should help you to turn it off. First, … Continued

OFFICE – Excel Education

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    Tip: to switch relative, absolute, and mixed references hit the F4 key, but understanding the differences , is extremely important.  Working with our clients and their employees, a common obstacle they have, is understanding the drastic differences that exist. … Continued