How is a Domain different from Hosting and a Website?

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The real world and the virtual world are quite similar.  Let’s imagine you want to start a new shop in town.  To start your new store, you’ll need three things.

1) To decide a nice area of town you want to have it in (Hosting).

2) To choose the name you’ll call your new business, “" (Domain).

3) To buy or build the business and all your content promoting your products (Website).

You can have a domain and no website, but every website has to have a domain; just like you can have an empty store in a plaza with no business in it yet, but not the other way around.  You have to have somewhere to put your website and list your products, just like you need somewhere to put your business and have your physical products.

First you find Hosting (The Area Of Town).

Then you buy the Domain (What You Want To Call Your New Business).

Lastly, you buy or build the Website (Your Store and Products)

Now your customers can say, “Lets go shopping at" and not, “Lets go shopping at"

After all, you’re more than just a number!

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