Bear Domains .com
DOMAIN DETAILS Bear Domains BearDomains.com has been appraised by DUCC.com for $1,660, has 2,930 "Exact" search results when searching the term on Google, and is only 11 characters long.  BearDomains.com's word count is only 2, was created on 07/29/2013, the Renewal is on 07/29, and it is registered at GoDaddy. Bear Domains BearDomains.com
Ball Domains .com

BallDomains.com is the perfect domain for Domaining and Names.

BallDomains.com DUCC Appraisal: $422 "Exact" Term Search Results: 3,280 Characters: 11 Words: 2 Years old: Over 3 Created: 08/29/2013 Renewal: August Registrar: GoDaddy